Watch Out for These Surprising Fire Hazards Around Your Home

Watch Out for These Surprising Fire Hazards Around Your Home

Protect your home from risk of fire.

While most homeowners are familiar with common fire hazards such as a precariously placed candle or an unattended stove, there are some risks that you might not be aware of.  If you want to protect your home against the risk of fire, then keep your eyes out for these surprising fire hazards.

Dryer Lint

While dryer lint may seem like a minor issue at best, lint build-up can pose a serious fire risk for your home.  If the lint trap on your dryer is not emptied out routinely, then the heat of the dryer can cause this lint to ignite.  Luckily, this hazard it relatively easy to mitigate.  Just be sure to clear out your dryer’s lint trap after using it.


Dust is actually extremely flammable, and accumulations of dust make the perfect kindling to get a fire started.  You should be especially concerned about dust build-up near electrical outlets and appliances.  All it takes is a rogue spark to set a dust bunny aflame.  To address this risk, make sure you clean your house routinely, paying particular attention to the places where dust tends to accumulate.

Old Newspaper

Surprisingly, stacks of old newspapers have caused more house fires that you might think.  Normally, these fires broke out when the papers were stacked too close to gas tanks, electrical outlets, or space heaters.  To deal with this risk, simply recycle newspapers when you are done with them to prevent them from accumulating in your home.

These are some of the unexpected fire risks that are hiding around your home.  If you want another way to keep your home safe, then contact the professionals at Lloyd S. Berkett Insurance Agency in Los Angeles to secure the right homeowners insurance for your needs and budget.

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