Top Types of Insurance for Small Businesses

Top Types of Insurance for Small Businesses

Insurance coverage your small business needs.  

General Liability Insurance: This provides coverage to protect your business from injury claims, property damages, and advertising claims. Also known as Commercial General Liability (CGL), it may be the only type of business liability insurance you need depending on your business situation! If you have a small business that has especially risky situations (for example, employees using heavy and dangerous machinery), you’ll need to purchase additional coverage.

Commercial Property Insurance: You’re a business, and you use a property to conduct business. That property is just as at risk as any other property out there. If there’s a fire or natural disaster, you don’t want your entire business inventory to be lost without having something to show for it.

Professional Liability Insurance: Businesses that provide services will need to consider having this coverage to protect from errors, malpractice, negligence, omissions.

Commercial Auto Insurance: Whether your business has one vehicle for the occasional delivery or a whole fleet of vehicles, commercial auto insurance is a must. You need to protect your employees behind the wheel, and the vehicle in the event of an accident or theft.

Cyber Liability Insurance: Most businesses operate online – whether it’s for storing data, taking clients’ orders, or hosting a website, companies should protect themselves from cyber attacks, hackings, and data breaches. Cyber insurance can help with this form of defense.

Workers’ Compensation: Even if you only have one employee, workers’ comp is essential. This protects your business and your employees if they suffer accidents or illness while working on the job. From rehabilitation, lost wages, and death benefits, workers’ compensation helps to cover work-related accidents.

Fortunately, should the worst happen, insurance coverage can step in to protect your small business. When you’re looking for insurance to protect your company, Lloyd S. Berkett Insurance Agency can help. Visit us today to get started on your cost-effective business insurance today.

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