Top Practices for Safeguarding Customer Data

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Best practices to keep your customer’s data safe.

As a business owner, protecting your client’s data is a 24/7 challenge. You can’t drop the ball on this, either. If your client’s data gets leaked, your business could suffer beyond repair. These days, hackers find new ways each week to access data and use it fraudulently. Businesses of all sizes must have action plans in place to secure their customers’ information.

Take a look at these top practices for small business cyber security in your business.

  • Plan for mobile devices

With the increasing popularity of wearables, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers with wireless capability, it’s essential to include these devices into your cybersecurity plan. Small businesses should require employees to set up automatic security updates and require that the company’s password policy apply to all mobile devices accessing the network.

  • Educate employees

Employees often wear many hats in small and mid-sized businesses, making it essential that all employees accessing the network be trained on your company’s security policies. Because policies are evolving as cybercriminals become savvier, it’s essential to have regular updates on new protocols. Be sure employees understand and are held accountable.

  • Enforce safe practices

Although employees may find it tiresome to change passwords every six months, it is an important task to do. Teach employees the basics of what makes a good password and remind them to change it often.

  • Limit who can access important data

Not every employee needs to access client information and financial data. Be sure that you limit who can access sensitive documents and secure storage.

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