Tips on How to Create a Home Inventory List

Tips on How to Create a Home Inventory List

Create a comprehensive home inventory list with these tips.

If there was a fire, flood, or another disaster, would you know every belonging you had? Chances are, you wouldn’t. This is why a home inventory is so important for homeowners and renters. A list of your belongings will help you determine your losses and make your insurance claim settle faster. To get started on creating an inventory, read on.

Gather your tools.

To record your belongings, you’ll need a camera. You can either walk through your property, film each item and talk a little about it. Or you can snap each item in a picture. You’ll need to record any model or serial numbers, too. If you have receipts that verify your purchase, it’s a good idea to keep those safe.

Walk through each room.

Try your best to document all your belongings thoroughly. Move room by room and list items as you go. Ensure you remember to go through your garage, attic, and detached structures like a shed.

Don’t forget items off-site.

Home insurance usually covers items that you have in a self-storage facility, too. Be sure to remember to include these items.

Update it often.

Each time you purchase something valuable or sell/donate items, remember to update your home inventory while it is still fresh in your mind. It’s a good rule of thumb to review your list annually to ensure it is current.

Store your documents safely.

For digital inventories, store your list in the cloud or on a memory stick. If you have a paper list and physical receipts, put the inventory in a safe spot like a fireproof safe or a safety deposit box.

A home inventory list makes the insurance claim process go much smoother. Additionally, having a list of your belongings and their value can help you to determine how much content coverage you need. Contact the professionals at Lloyd S. Berkett Insurance Agency, located in Los Angeles and serving the globe. We can help you to secure the right homeowners insurance for your needs and budget. Please open links in a new tab to continue enjoying our content!

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