What You Should Ask Your Life Insurance Agent

What You Should Ask Your Life Insurance Agent

Questions to ask your life insurance agent before signing on the dotted line. Life insurance is an important investment that you’re making for your loved ones. Should anything negative happen to you, you know that they’ll be taken care of. But in order for your investment to be of use, you have to … [Read more...]

A Few Things Everyone Should Know About Life Insurance

A Few Things Everyone Should Know About Life Insurance

What you need to know about life insurance! With varying kinds of policies and levels of coverage, navigating life insurance can be difficult. These tips demystify the complexity of life insurance to help you find an affordable policy that works best for you and your family. Term Coverage vs. … [Read more...]

Avoid Holiday Mishaps While Decorating!

Avoid Holiday Mishaps While Decorating!

Ready, Set, Deck The Halls for the holidays – safely! The holiday festivities are all underway! Christmas trees are going up, holiday lights are being turned on, and mistletoe is being hung! Of course, selecting the tallest tree, untangling the sets of lights, and lighting pine-scented candles are … [Read more...]

Think You Don’t Need A Life Insurance Agent? Think Again.

Life Insurance Agent

A life insurance agent is the best person to have on your side when buying your policy. We live in an era of DIY mentality. With the internet on our side and at our fingertips, we can get the information we need to tackle pretty much everything, from home improvement projects to learning a new … [Read more...]

These Milestones Mean You Need A Life Insurance Review

Life Insurance Review | Lloyd S. Berkett Insurance Agency

When these life events happen, it’s time to look at your life insurance. Life insurance isn’t a very high maintenance type of insurance coverage. Generally, it can pretty much exist without you having to do much with it. When a major life event comes, though, it’s important that you take the time … [Read more...]

Disaster Preparedness Tips

Disaster Preparedness Tips

Your guide to preparing your family for a natural disaster.   If we knew when disasters would strike, they would be a lot less disastrous. Unfortunately, while scientists do the best they can to alert us of coming natural disasters, we often have very little time to prepare for them to hit. That … [Read more...]

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