Does Your Small Business Need Umbrella Insurance?

Does Your Small Business Need Umbrella Insurance?

Reasons why your small business could benefit from commercial umbrella insurance.

There has been a persistent myth where individuals believe that only big businesses can afford (and need) umbrella insurance. The fact is that even small businesses need the coverage as much as the larger companies do. Some lawsuits and claims are too extensive for regular commercial insurance, and could leave business owners in the lurch. As a business owner, you probably don’t want to think of a severe disaster happening, but it is wise to be prepared. Here’s why your small business should consider umbrella coverage.

  • To provide extra liability coverage

Umbrella insurance is designed to extend beyond your existing policies. When your current coverage doesn’t reach the limit of the lawsuit expenses required, it jumps in to save you from digging into your own pockets. If you don’t have the means to pay the remaining expense of a lawsuit and don’t have umbrella coverage, you could be forced to sell off your business and personal assets.

  • Helps protect areas that were not protected

Umbrella insurance also helps in protecting claims that are not included in other current policies. Umbrella coverage often covers a broader range of activities and potential accidents that your general liability insurance won’t cover. For example, if your general liability policy is limited to work done in a particular geographic area, your umbrella policy might cover a broader area.

  • It’s affordable

Umbrella insurance pays for itself. Some policies run as little as $1 a day. Since it provides such extensive coverage, it is well worth securing to protect your small business.

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