How to Properly Inspect Your Roof for Damage

How to Properly Inspect Your Roof for Damage

Your roof is the thing that keeps the forces of nature and critters on the outside of your home, so do you know how to properly inspect it?

Whether it is keeping you dry from the nasty weather or keeping you warm and cozy on a cold wintery night, your roof is a crucial part of your home’s construction. Ensuring that it is maintained well will assure you that your roof will protect you for a very long time and alert you if it needs to be replaced.

Why inspect your roof?

Regular roof inspections can help you identify structural issues before they turn into serious problems. It is easier and cheaper to fix those issues now, than to save a few buck here and there and wait until you have no option but to fix it.

How regularly should you inspect the roof?

Ideally, you should inspect your roof once a year. But, in order to be as thorough as possible, you should inspect it after every major storm that passes through your home, like rain, hail, or wind.

What should you inspect?

  • Flashings – The metal pieces that cover the curves and edges of your roof should be inspected as they can leak water in and around them if they are damaged.
  • Check the gutters – A professional should look at your gutters and inspect for any grains from shingles. If your roof is shedding its grains, it may be time to replace it.
  • Dry rot – Not all roofs have asphalt shingles, some have wooden or shake shingles. A professional should examine them for any warping or dry rot, which would indicate a replacement is necessary.

A scheduled roof reinstallment may not be covered under your insurance policy, but a proper homeowners insurance will cover your home for disasters if a storm or other covered disaster destroys your roof and other parts of your home. Contact Lloyd S. Berkett Insurance Agency worldwide for all of your insurance inquiries and needs.

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