Preventing Slip-and-Fall Accidents at Your Business

Slip and fall accidents can be very expensive for a business due to the liability claims that can result. Here are some tips to help you stop workplace accidents:

  • Immediately place "wet floor" signs or caution signs wherever a floor hazard exists.
  • Keep your parking lots, curbs, sidewalks, and inside flooring in good condition to eliminate trip hazards.
  • Make sure all doormats lie flat and are in good condition.
  • Spread sand on outdoor walking areas if rain or hail are expected. This will help to improve traction for walking.
  • Ensure that all areas of your business, including back rooms, are well-lit. For rooms that typically have the lights off, make sure switches are close to the door.
  • Make sure that cords, tools, and other maintenance equipment are safely put away before business hours begin.
  • Provide good handrails for ramps, stairs, and other places where people may lose their footing.

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