Get Informed. Get Prepared. Get PrepWise.

Get Informed. Get Prepared. Get PrepWise.

When it comes to cybersecurity and your small business, you have to make sure that your data is secured. 

You work hard to protect your data, but there are others who work just as hard to get access to it. While most people think of hacking as an attack on a website through some vulnerability, in reality, hacking can be as simple as cracking a weak password. 80 percent of security incidents are due to easy passwords and 90 percent of user-generated passwords are vulnerable to hacking only a matter of seconds.

With data breaches now costing businesses an average of $4 million, are you confident in your password management best practices?

Expert Tips to Help Reduce Your Cybersecurity Risks

  • Establish a multi-factor authentication process to enhance security. Things like verification questions and phone number verification can  secure your website.
  • Favor the user by making your password policies user-friendly that put the burden of the verifier when signing in.
  • Use a dictionary to help you come up with good passwords that are hard to guess.
  • Your passwords should have an uppercase and lowercase letter, a number, and a special character.
  • Your passwords should be no shorter than 8 characters and no limit on how long they can be.
  • Use account lockout for best security. 5 attempts should be enough; if all 5 are failed the account locks and will only unlock with an authorized user.
  • You should change your password every so often to keep hackers from guessing your password.

Cyber insurance is a great way to protect your business if there are ever any breaches in your security. Every good plan needs to have a business insurance policy to make certain that businesses will survive disasters. For policies across the globe, contact the independent insurance professionals at Lloyd S. Berkett Insurance Agency in Los Angeles.

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