Prepare for Disaster Before it Happens

You may think your business is prepared for anything, but unless you have a disaster plan, you’re wrong. Disasters can hit at any moment, and your business needs to be able to survive in this unfortunate event.

A Natural Disaster Can Devastate Your Company.

Whether it’s a natural disaster like an earthquake or something like a burst water pipe, disasters can happen anywhere, and the Insurance Institute for business and Home Safety states that one in four businesses that close due to a disaster never open again. When a disaster hits, if you aren’t able to remain open, your customers find someone who is, and the longer you take to recover, the less likely it is for your business to recover.

Keep Your Business Open During a Disaster

The best thing for your business is to prepare for a disaster before it happens, so you can remain open during a disaster. Here are some of the questions you need to consider, and Lloyd S. Berkett Insurance Agency can help you find the answers and make a disaster plan.

  • What are your essential business activities?
  • What are risks your business faces?
  • Do you have someplace else your staff can work if the building is not secure?
  • How will your customers reach you in a disaster?
  • Do you have an alternate source for materials?
  • Do you have back up records, and where do you keep them?

For more information about business disaster planning in California, contact Lloyd S. Berkett Insurance Agency in Los Angeles, and get a quote today. 

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