Keeping Your Workforce Happy & Healthy

Having a happy and healthy workforce makes for an incredibly productive team.

According to a survey by Keas, people who use and take advantage of the work health practices are three times more likely to be satisfied and engaged in their jobs. It can be difficult to provide your employees with all of the perks of a gym membership and wellness programs when you’re just a start-up. Luckily, healthy habits don’t have to be as expensive as one may make them out to be. Here are a few ways to how you can keep your workforce happy and healthy.

  1. Use Wholesale Clubs
    Stocking up on fresh fruits, nuts, and granola bars for the company kitchen is a good way to keep your employees off of sugars and promote healthy eating which will be reciprocated by hard work.
  2. Invest in Standing Desks
    Sitting for long periods of time can have awful effects on your employees, especially in the long-term. By investing in standing desks, you are offering your employees to use their back muscles and muscles to promote healthy blood flow.
  3. Start a Walking Group
    Instead of spending your breaks at your desks, promote that the office takes a walk around your building. The fresh air and movement will revitalize your workers and wake them up from that 2 PM slump.
  4. Group Gym Memberships
    Major fitness chains often offer wellness programs and corporate packages to companies who want to purchase multiple gym memberships at once.
  5. Take Meetings Outside
    Walking and talking is the best way to avoid boring and sleep-inducing meetings where employees end up doodling and potentially getting nothing from these meetings.

The best way for your employees to be satisfied with their jobs and give you 100 percent effort, it’s important to show them that you care. For policies across the globe, Contact the independent insurance professionals at Lloyd S. Berkett Insurance Agency in Los Angeles.

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