Hosting Summer Parties? Be Sure to Review Your Home Insurance

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Ensure you have liability coverage before you host summer parties.

Summer is right around the corner and that can only mean one thing – parties. Whether it’s a backyard BBQ, graduation party, summer gathering, or otherwise, the sunshine is sure to get us all outside and partying. Many times, hosting these events means serving alcohol to guests. If you’re planning on hosting an event this summer, it’s important to keep social host liability in mind.

Social host liability means that you, as the host of the event, can be held liable for incidents that arise from having provided alcohol to your guests. If a guest becomes intoxicated at your event and then gets into an auto accident as a result, a person injured in this accident may try to assert a claim against you for providing the alcohol. This can be not only financially straining, but emotionally exhausting because of the added stress.To help your guests celebrate safely and ensure your party goes off without a hitch, take a look at these tips:

  • Limit your own alcohol consumption. If you are able to keep an eye on your guests sober, you are more likely to spot issues before they arise.
  • If someone appears to be intoxicated, do not let them get behind the wheel. Call a cab or let them sleep it off in a spare room.
  • Encourage designated drivers – and provide plenty of non-alcohol drinks.
  • Consider providing a full meal beforehand so that alcohol is not drunk on an empty stomach.
  • Never serve alcohol to underage guests.
  • Consider hiring a professional bartender for your event. Bartenders check IDs and are trained to recognize signs of intoxication.

Work with an insurance agency that you can rely on. Contact the professionals at Lloyd S. Berkett Insurance Agency, located in Los Angeles and serving the globe. We can help you to secure the right homeowners insurance for your needs and budget.

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