What Homeowners Can Learn From Recent Wildfire Disasters

What Homeowners Can Learn From Recent Wildfire Disasters

How homeowners can stay prepared for wildfires.

Wildfires in California may seem like a common occurrence, but that doesn’t mean we should handle them with any less severity. Recent wildfire events have destroyed homes, businesses, and wildlife habitats that are going to take months upon months to recover from. The high Santa Ana winds and the hot and dry conditions have brought a huge amount of danger and worry to California homeowners.

The team at Lloyd S. Berkett Insurance Agency have been saddened for the losses suffered by so many homeowners, and we hope the rebuild is swift and efficient. In the meantime, are there lessons from these disasters for homeowners affects and those luckily spared?

  • Have a plan

As a homeowner, be sure that you know how and when to leave your property. Follow all evacuation orders and make sure all other members in the household know how to safely exit the home. Keep a bag of belongings and essential items in an easy-to-reach location and don’t forget about your pets!

  • Review your insurance

Your homeowners insurance coverage will provide protection for wildfire damage, but it’s important to make sure your limits are high enough. Is your home inventory up to date? Now is the time to make sure your inventory is up to date so that if your belongings are destroyed, you will know what and how much you lost.

  • Take your time to rebuild

Even though it’s natural to do so, it’s important not to panic right after the disaster. Some homeowners are so desperate to get their home back the way it way that they signed anything to get contractors on site. This means that many homeowners were taken advantage of. Make sure everything is structurally safe and then work with your insurer.

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