How to Handle a Hit and Run Accident

How to Handle a Hit and Run Accident

Learn what to do after being the victim of a hit and run accident. 

It happens to the best of us. Even if you’re an incredibly safe driver, avoiding a hit and run motorist isn’t always possible. Whether you watched it happen in the car park or the driver behind you sped off while you pulled over, being a victim of a hit and run accident is never ideal.

With these tips, you’re able to minimize damage and get back on the roads as soon as possible!

Pull over. As in any accident, you should pull over to the side of the road (preferably the right side) and out of the way of the flow of traffic. Put on your hazard lights and set up your flare or hazard triangle behind your car to let others know you’ve stopped.

Take notes. From the moment the accident occurs, take good records of the event. Record everything from the date, time, location, license plate number (if at all), make, model and color of the vehicle, and the direction in which the missing driver drove off.

Take pictures. Take as many pictures as you can of the damage done to your vehicle from the hit and run accident. These photos will help when filing a claim.

Don’t drive off. It may be tempting to drive after the driver, but don’t! Doing so could make the police question who drove off after the accident.

Call the police. When you’re in a hit and run accident, it’s essential to file a police report. This report will help you when filing a claim. If there are any eyewitnesses, ensure that their account and details are taken down, too.

Call your insurer. Let your insurer know that you’ve been involved in a hit and run accident, and they will guide you through the process of filing a claim!

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