Is Your Fire Sprinkler System at Risk?

Is Your Fire Sprinkler System at Risk?

Your fire sprinkler system may be at risk and may not be able to protect you and your business from fires. 

Sprinkler systems provide effective fire-extinguishing power and approximately 96 percent of all sprinkler systems worked in suppressing fires when they operated properly. And that’s the key word: “properly.” Sprinkler systems provide an important sense of security because of all the safety they offer to buildings and their residents. Your pipes, through which the water flows, may be corroded and may not work properly if there is ever a fire in your office. Here are ways that corrosion could be affecting your pipes.

Chemistry moves fast when metals are involved and corrosion can happen instantaneously when flooding the pipes. Many people believe that water is just H2O, but it’s not. Various minerals and chemicals that can be found (naturally) in water may be responsible for corroding the metal away. To treat water and make it taste better, many companies oxygenate their water to settle the iron out. But this oxygen can dissolve in the water and oxidize the metal faster (e.g., rusting).

To treat water and make it taste better, many municipalities bubble oxygen through their water to settle out the iron. But this could lead to extra oxygen dissolved in the water and that extra oxygen may oxidize the metals from which the pipes are made, also known as rusting.

If you have a significant amount of oxygen and water coexisting in metal pipes, you can have corrosion and all the way through the pipe wall in less than five years. That may sound like a long time, but you’d be surprised how quick that goes. And when it comes to your fire sprinkler system, it’s best not to take any risks.

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