Earthquake Safety Preparedness Tips

Earthquake Safety Preparedness

Tips to help you prepare for an earthquake.

Unlike other natural disasters, earthquakes can happen at any time, without any notice. Across the nation, 45 states are at moderate to very high risk of earthquakes. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to minimize or avoid injuries, damage, and financial consequences. Check out a few below.


  • Make your buildings safer and more resistant to earthquake damage and disruption.
  • Keep an earthquake disaster kit on hand (a first aid kit, medicines, copies of important documents, money, a flashlight, radio, blankets, non-perishable food, water, and tools to shut off the utilities.(
  • Conduct calm discussions about earthquakes by establishing a plan of action.
  • Conduct a thorough investigation of your home or business, checking for any defective wiring, leaky gas connections, and deep cracks in the ceiling or foundation.
  • Use bolts or straps to secure heavy items that may topple over.


  • Drop, cover, and hold on to a sturdy covering.
  • Do not run outside.
  • Do not stand in a doorway.
  • If driving, get into an open area – stay clear of buildings, power lines, and streetlights.


  • Go to your predetermined outdoor meeting location. Check for injuries to others and provide assistance as needed.
  • Check for and extinguish small fires.
  • Evaluate the safety of the structure and operation.
  • Watch out for items that may have shifted in cabinets or closets that can cause further damage by opening the doors.
  • Beware of potential aftershocks. They can occur minutes, days, or months after an earthquake. Drop, cover, and hold on each time shaking occurs.

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