Your Drone and Insurance: Is It Necessary?

Your Drone and Insurance: Is It Necessary?

If Santa left you a drone under your Christmas tree this year, does it have the insurance that it requires to keep you and your other pilots safe?

This year, there were millions of drones that were sold and landed in many people’s homes for the holidays. Because there are already so many people who have drones and have uploaded videos, piloting a drone may seem so easy a caveman could do it. It may be easy, but before you go out and take your first flight, make sure that you contact your insurance agent to understand where your policy stands in the event of a drone malfunction.

Homeowners/Renters Insurance

Your drone is likely covered under the homeowners insurance policy. The same also applies to a renters insurance policy, the only issue is that only 40 percent of renters carry renters insurance. If you own a drone but also rent, make sure that you have a renters insurance policy to cover you in case of an accident.

Additionally, if your drone gets stolen or lost, your homeowners insurance can help cover the cost of its replacement.

If your drone leaves the range of the controller and falls on a friend, neighbor, or unsuspecting bystander, your homeowners insurance can cover the medical bills that come from that accident.

Auto Insurance 

If your drone needs to execute an emergency landing and crashes into your car, the damage may be covered under your auto insurance–that is, if your policy includes comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive insurance covers damage done to your car that is not from a traffic accident–like a tree branch falling on your car or a meteorite striking your car.

A proper homeowners insurance will cover your home for all covered disasters, including drone accidents like the ones listed above. Contact Lloyd S. Berkett Insurance Agency worldwide for all of your insurance inquiries and needs.

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