Driving in the Dark: Top Safety Tips

a car driving in the dark

Top tips for driving in the dark this season.

Summer is officially behind us, and there’s no denying that the days are steadily getting shorter. Over the course of the next few months, daily morning and evening commutes will be darker – and more dangerous. Driving at night is very different compared to driving in the daytime. Dark roads, poor visibility, and glare caused by artificial lighting can cause all sorts of problems even for those advanced drivers.

If you’re driving in the dark, keep these few safety tips in mind.

  • Aim your lights. Properly-aligned headlights are important for two reasons: they illuminate your path more effectively and they don’t dazzle oncoming drivers.
  • Dim interior. Bright dash lights or the light from your navigation can make it harder for your eyes to adjust to the dark road ahead of you. Turn down the brightness of all interior lights to allow for better visibility on the road.
  • Keep it clean. Streaks on your windshield can cause awful glare. Be sure to keep the interior and exterior of your windshield and all windows clean to allow for better visibility.
  • Use lights correctly. There is a time and a place for your brights. Have them on in full darkness or around dawn/dusk to better spot animal eyes. Keep them off in foggy or snowy conditions.
  • Take your time. Putting your foot down in the dark isn’t a good idea. Leave yourself plenty of time to get to your destination so that you are less inclined to speed in the dark.

These tips will help you drive safely in the dark. Are you ready to find the right auto insurance policy for your needs? Contact the professionals at Lloyd S. Berkett Insurance Agency for your reliable coverage.

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