Defensive Driving Tips Every Motorist Should Know

Defensive Driving Tips Every Motorist Should Know

Know these safety techniques to protect your journey. 

Defensive driving reduces the risk of highway accidents and increases driver safety. It’s about practicing safe habits behind the wheel, and actively paying attention so that. You are more likely to avoid car accidents and other issues on the road. Check out some of the defensive driving skills that all motorists should know (and use!).

Leave room for error

Defensive drivers consciously leave room for error, accounting for the negligence and bad driving of others on the road. It reduces the risk of an accident by allowing plenty of stopping distance between vehicles, as well as leaving room for reaction time to stop or slow down when needed. Be mindful to increase the distance between yourself and the vehicle in front when weather and road conditions are bad, such as when there’s rain, fog, hail, and low visibility.

Buckle up

Get into the habit of waiting for everyone in the vehicle to be securely bucked in before beginning to drive. If an accident does occur, the risk of injury and the severity of possible injuries are greatly reduced if seatbelts are in place.

Look down the road

Be aware of your surroundings and know what is happening in front of you, even far down the road. Scanning the road ahead allows you time to prepare for traffic, red traffic lights, debris on the road, and more.

Avoid distracted driving.

Driving defensively includes avoiding all distractions behind the wheel. Distractions that could endanger lives and cause an accident include talking on the phone or texting, eating or drinking while driving, taking your eyes off the road to look at your passengers, the radio, or the GPS. Put your phone away, turn the radio off, and do your best to keep your focus on the road.

Safe driving habits and quality auto insurance can help to keep you safe on the roads. Contact the professionals at Lloyd S. Berkett Insurance Agency for your reliable coverage.

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