3 Common Myths About Auto Insurance Coverage

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Myths about auto insurance coverage.  

It’s common to think about getting our car insurance as soon as we purchase a vehicle. Some might even buy coverage at the same time they put down a down payment. However, there are some common myths about car insurance and misconceptions we need to be aware of.

  • The color of the vehicle determines your rate

There is a common misconception that red vehicles get higher insurance rates than white cars because red car owners are more likely to be pulled over by traffic police. There are many more urban legends revolving around car color and speeding tickets and accidents. Thankfully, insurance companies do not assess rates because of the color of the vehicle. Instead, the insurer will consider the car’s make, model, engine size, age, market value, and more.

  • Accident claims make your rates increase

Another common myth is that claims will undoubtedly impact your monthly premium. This one might be a bit of fact and fiction together. It’s true that an incident claim might have an impact on your rates, but one accident doesn’t mean that you will see your rates rocket. Insurance companies consider the severity of the incident and the frequency of your claims to determine your premium.

  • You pay more for insurance as you age

As we grow old, we start experiencing more health problems. This has lead people into believing that they will pay more for auto insurance. However, as we grow old, we become more experienced drivers, too. Several companies do consider experience when assessing coverage rates. Completing safe driving courses will also help to reduce rates and it is usually older people who complete such courses.

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