Do Your Clients Need to Update Their Insurance?

Do Your Clients Need to Update Their Insurance

Not many clients regard an update in their insurance policy, however, in order to remain insured, insurance reviews are all but necessary.

As people’s lives change, for better or for worse, clients need to understand that insurance needs require the exact same change their life reflects. Why? Just to ensure that they are covered under the right limit, not too cold row (underinsured) nor too hot overinsured (paying too much and for extra).

  1. Have you gotten married or divorced? 
    Auto Insurance: If you are married, you may qualify for a discount on your policy. Additionally, if you bring in two cars under the same policy, you could also get an extra discount.
    Life Insurance: A life insurance policy financially protects your loved ones. If you got married, it might be time to get one. If you got divorced, you could modify your beneficiaries to your benefit. (I.e., remove everything from your spouse and transfer it to only your children.)
  2. Any new drivers in your home? 
    Auto Insurance: If your child recently got their driver’s license, you should review your auto insurance. It is generally much cheaper to simply add your teen driver than for them to purchase one on their own.
  3. Have you done any refurbishment or renovations to your home?
    Homeowners insurance: You likely have not looked at your homeowners insurance policy since you first signed the thing all those years back. But if you have made major renovations to your home, these renovations may not be covered in your policy. Furthermore, these renovations may have increased the value of your home, which means that your entire home is not covered. Talk to your insurance agent about the new limits on your coverage.

Remember that proper personal insurance will cover your home, auto, and life from most covered disasters. Contact Lloyd S. Berkett Insurance Agency worldwide for all of your insurance inquiries and needs.

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