What To Do If Your Car is Stolen

What to do If Your Car is Stolen

Steps to take after your car has been stolen.

It’s a scary feeling. You walk towards where you parked your car only to find the space is empty. There may be a bit of shattered glass on the ground, and your car is nowhere to be seen. Many of us have been a victim of car theft. In fact, every 44 seconds, a car is stolen in the U.S. Although it can be a frustrating experience, it doesn’t have to be difficult in order to get back up and running. Here are a few things to do immediately following car theft.

Think it through

In other words, make sure that your car has been stolen. Could it have been towed, misplaced or possibly even repossessed? Did you not see the ‘No Parking’ sign? Are you behind on any loan or lease payments? Take a moment to consider the other options so that you know for sure if it was stolen.

Call the police

If you’re sure your car has been stolen, it’s time to call the police and file a report. You will need to give a detailed description of your car. It’s helpful to also have the vehicle identification number (VIN) and license plate number on hand, too.

Contact your insurance agency

Report your car stolen no matter what type of auto insurance policy you have – your insurance will need to know that you aren’t in possession of the vehicle. Most insurance policies that only cover the state’s minimum requirements will not include reimbursement for a stolen vehicle. If you do have coverage for theft, then you can expect your insurance agency to investigate the claim. They often have to rule out fraud before they pay a claim, and this may take up to eight weeks.

Report the car stolen to the DMV

The DMV keeps a database of stolen cars and often works with the police to reunite a recovered vehicle with its rightful owner.

Your car insurance can help you if you have been a victim of car theft. Contact your trusted insurer at Lloyd S. Berkett Insurance Agency to get started. We can help you find reliable auto insurance coverage so that you have peace of mind you and your vehicle are protected.

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