New California Driving Laws for 2017

New California Driving Laws for 2017

You need to know your driving laws in order to to be a law abiding citizen and avoid any unwanted traffic violations. 

“Ignorance of the law does not excuse you from the law.”
We at Lloyd Berkett Insurance know that you strive to be an informed and educated citizen. By understanding the laws, you are better able to serve the community and lead by example. When it comes to your road safety, knowing the laws can not only help save lives it can also keep the cops from handing you a rather expensive ticket. Here are the new California driving laws for 2017 which you should know to be a better driver.

Assembly Bill 51 – Legalizes motorcycle lane-splitting, whereas it was in a legal gray zone for quite some time. This allows California Highway Patrol to develop lane-splitting rules and regulations.

Assembly Bill 53 – All drivers must secure their children under two years of age in a rear-facing child safety seat. Unless that child weighs more than 40 pounds or is 40+ inches.

Assembly Bill 287 – The Consumer Automatic Recall Safety (CARS) Act says that the rental companies must suspend the rental of a vehicle if the manufacturing company has issued a recall, and must do so within 48 hours of that announcement. The law also requires the DMV to send a disclosure statement for every renewal.

Senate Bill 491 – The minimum damage for a motor vehicle owner to report the extent of the crash is increased to $1,000.

Senate Bill 839 – The price for renewing, duplicating, or transferring environmental license plates increases $10 and will now be $53.

While you may follow the laws to the letter, others may not be so cautious. The proper auto insurance will cover your car in case of an accident. Contact Lloyd S. Berkett Insurance Agency worldwide for all of your insurance inquiries and needs.

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