Top Practices for Safeguarding Customer Data

a hacker behind the screen of a laptop

Best practices to keep your customer’s data safe. As a business owner, protecting your client’s data is a 24/7 challenge. You can’t drop the ball on this, either. If your client’s data gets leaked, your business could suffer beyond repair. These days, hackers find new ways each week to access data … [Read more...]

EPLI Coverage: Does Your Small Business Need It?

work team sitting around a table in a meeting

Would your small business benefit from EPLI coverage? As a small business owner, you might be inclined to think that if your employees ever have a problem, they would come to you. You believe you have a tight-knit team that is able to talk to you before an issue arises or becomes too large to … [Read more...]

Does General Liability Help Employees Who Are Injured on the Job?

work injury claim with a bandage on top

Make sure you understand what your general liability does and does not cover. Many business owners are mistakenly under the impression that their general liability insurance covers their employees if they are injured on the job. This is a concern for many because it shows that many business owners … [Read more...]

Does Your Start-Up Have the Right Business Insurance?

Does Your Start-Up Have the Right Business Insurance?

Basic insurance coverage needed for your start-up. Building a business is never an easy task. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into making sure your start-up business gets off the ground, and it’s only natural to want to protect it as best you can. Running a start-up comes with inherent risks: … [Read more...]

Tips for Small Business Owners Building Their Brand

Tips for Small Business Owners Building Their Brand

How to develop your own brand identity successfully. Branding – that’s something only huge companies do, like Apple and Nike, right? Not necessarily. Many small business owners underestimate the power of brand building. Branding allows you to stand apart from the crowd, forge new relationships, and … [Read more...]

Tips for a Safe Evacuation

Tips for a Safe Evacuation

Make sure you know how to evacuate safely when necessary. In the recent wake of the California wildfires, it has come to light that many homeowners don’t know how to evacuate properly. Although there is no right way to do this, knowing how to handle an evacuation and what to do in the situation … [Read more...]

Liability Risks for Small Businesses

Liability Risks for Small Businesses

The liability concerns small businesses should consider. Finally, your dream of owning a small business has come to fruition. You have a location, employees, and an ever-improving revenue. As a small business owner, it’s easy to get complacent when thinking about liability risks, especially if … [Read more...]

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