Brakes Can Do More Than Help You Stop

Brakes Can Do More Than Help You Stop

Braking can save you plenty on gas money. But how can brakes convert your car into a more gas-efficient one?

Let’s put on our science helmets on and think about driving, braking, and gas in terms of energy. (Don’t worry, we won’t delve into the quantum mechanics of it.)

Each time you brake, your brake pads absorb vast amounts of energy–energy which could have been used to keep your car moving forward. You can save gas by braking efficiently and upgrading your brake pads by using energy more efficiently. Here are a few brake pads that can be right for your car and lead to gas savings.

How to Brake Correctly

Smooth and gentle braking can not only extend the life and quality of your brakes, it can also save you gas.

  • Gradually push down on the brakes rather than stomping on the pedal like a caveman.
  • Coast slowly towards the stoplight and brake gently, instead of applying pressure at the last second.

The Ideal Brake Pads for Your Vehicle

Your brake pads create friction and absorb the kinetic energy of your car, thus slowing it down and stopping it. The better your brakes, the less energy it requires to brake.

Ceramic Brake Pads

Pros: Very resistant to wear and tear and heat, they are quiet and do not produce a lot of dust.

Cons: They are the most expensive available brake pads.

Low-Metallic Non-Asbestos Organic Pads

Pros: Extremely durable and are resistant to wear and tear.

Cons: They are noisy in most cars and can, at times, wear down brake rotors faster than other brake pads.

Braking correctly can save you money on gas and on brake pads. For a quality auto insurance policy across the globe, contact the independent insurance professionals at Lloyd S. Berkett Insurance Agency in Los Angeles.

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