Avoid These Awful Driving Habits

Avoid These Awful Driving Habits

Driving is a dangerous endeavor nearly everyone does, but there are some awful driving habits to avoid.

Every single person on the road is a bad driver. People have slow reaction times and short attention spans–both of which are required for good driving. Most of us have been driving for so long, we often don’t consider how dangerous driving actually is: a two ton chunk of metal traveling at 50 mph will cause serious damage. Here’s a friendly reminder of some awful driving habits people pick up that you should break immediately if you find yourself on one of these boats (or, rather, cars).

  1. Treating the speed limit as a speed suggestion. Speed is fun, but it is also dangerous. The faster you go, the less time we have to react to unexpected occurrences. Nearly 1/3 of all fatal car accidents happen in a speed-related crash.
  2. Not wearing a seat belt. If you are in 2017 and still not wearing a seat belt we have to assume you have just traveled forwards in time and we welcome you to the future! Seat belts reduce the risk of injury by 50 percent, so there is no reasonable excuse not to wear one.
  3. Improper maintenance of your car. You may have heard to never go 3,000 miles without changing your oil, but what about the other car functions? You should check your tire pressure, brake fluids, transmission fluid, coolant, and every other canister that contains a fluid. An annual checkup should inspect for these.
  4. DISTRACTED DRIVING. The most dangerous habit one can develop as a driver is to become distracted with the radio and children, but more so with your cellphone. If you have to use your phone for navigation, keep your screen on the map at all times and never answer texts and phone calls.

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