What to Know About Assembly Bill 1785

What to Know About Assembly Bill 1785

California has new Distracted Driving Laws that every Californian should know about before you get a ticket.

Ignorance of the law does not excuse you from it. In fact, with your own personal computer in your pocket, there’s almost no reason anyone should be ignorant about anything. But as we see and experience in our everyday lives, humanity managed to find a way. And we get it, reading about laws is incredibly dull and boring does not even begin to describe it. But we are here to make it more comprehensive. Here is what you should know about Assembly Bill 1785.

The new law Governor Jerry Brown recently signed (Assembly Bill 1785 (AB1785)) prohibits ALL hand-held use of electronic devices while driving. Devices are the root cause of thousands of traffic-related deaths–this bill is intended to save lives by keeping their undivided attention on the road. It is time to put down those phones while you drive because it is now illegal to do the following:

  • Hold your phone and talk.
  • Read, write, or send text messages.
  • Record a video.
  • Check or post to any forms of social media.

Essentially, it is now against the law to use your device while you are behind the wheel.

The new law requires drivers to mount their phones onto their windshield or dashboard, provided that the device is activated by a simple swipe of the screen.

What does it mean for the future? It means that there will be less traffic-related deaths or injuries that plague American roads.

Thanks to Elon Musk and Tesla, self-driving cars are right around the corner and you will be able to use your free driving time to check statuses, catch up with family, or finish that assignment you should have finished last night.

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