3 Common Winter Work Perils

slips and falls

Prevent these winter workplace hazards.   Although California isn’t known for its ice and snow, the winter weather can bring about cooler temperatures and adverse weather. For businesses, this means a new set of safety challenges. Now that winter is here, employers must do everything they can … [Read more...]

Retail Risk Management: Knowing the Top Threats

a retail store

Take steps to protect your retail business from common retail risks.   Owning any type of business comes with its own set of risks, whatever the industry or location. Operating a retail store or an e-commerce website is no different. Whether it’s a store visitor slipping on the wet floor or … [Read more...]

Prevent Property Damage This Winter

snow outside of a house

Prepare your home and vehicle for winter weather.   Winter is truly here. The cooler temperatures have arrived and the weather is becoming more adverse. Winter weather can wreak havoc on your home and vehicle. As individuals, it’s important for us to weatherproof as much as we can prior to a … [Read more...]

Am I Ready to Sell My House?

for sale sign outside of a house

Could you be ready to put your property on the market?   Whether you’re thinking of upsizing, downsizing, or relocation, you may be tempted to put your property on the market. While many people know the clear signs of wanting to buy a home, being ready to sell a home can be entirely different. … [Read more...]

Have You Reviewed Your Insurance Before Hosting a Holiday Party?

a christmas party with people holding drinks

Celebrate the season safely with the right insurance in hand.   Holidays are a time for celebrating, and you may have a party planned for your employees. Throwing a holiday party is a great way to thank your team for their hard work, celebrate the year’s achievements, and get into the holiday … [Read more...]

Time Management Tips for the Holiday Season

a christmas tree silhouette

Manage your time better during the holiday season with these tips.   ‘Tis the season! Work, shopping, parties, gatherings, and more celebrations – the list goes on. This wonderful time of year can very easily turn into a stressful and exhausting time if you don’t manage your time effectively. … [Read more...]

Fleet Managers, Avoid Making These Costly Oversights

a truck on the road

Don’t make these mistakes when assessing your fleet team. Driving managers face plenty of challenges in today’s society, from recruiting safe drivers to enforcing safety policies. Although your organization may have a strong safety culture, there are easy safety mistakes we all make. Keep an eye … [Read more...]

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