Factors to Minimize Home-Related Risks

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Keep your loved ones safe by avoiding common disasters in the home.  

Your home is your safe haven where you enjoy time with your loved ones. Although it’s not pleasant to think about, most homes are vulnerable to a number of safety and security risks that require homeowners and renters to take action to mitigate them. To help keep yourself and your loved ones safe in the home, take a look at these tips to minimize home-related risks.


In the U.S., a home is burglarized every 20 seconds, which comes at a great cost to homeowners. Most stolen possessions are unlikely to be recovered because police solve only about 13 percent of reported burglaries. The best way to protect a home is with a security system as well as basic burglar proofing your home. Keep valuables away from the windows so that people from the street cannot be tempted.


Home fires are so shocking because they start quickly and quietly. Cooking equipment is the leading cause of home fire injuries, which is why it’s so important to take care in the kitchen. Never leave the stove or oven on and unattended. Ensure that smoke detectors are in good working order, too, as these devices can save your family from smoke damage.


Falling is a common household hazard, whatever age you are. To help prevent falls in the home, tidy up the clutter around the home. Wires and toys are common culprits when it comes to in-home falls. Secure all floor tugs and install railings on stairs.

Walk through your home on a regular basis to stay on top of household hazards. We can help you to secure the right homeowners insurance for your needs and budget. Contact the professionals at Lloyd S. Berkett Insurance Agency, located in Los Angeles and serving the globe.

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